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The Nurtured Church

Mar 12, 2019

How Church Leaders Build a First-Class Community Online

When it comes to technology within our churches and ministries, the time isn’t yesterday.

It’s now.

And the online, mobile, and digital spaces aren’t where our “second-tier” efforts should be. A physical church, and its digital touchpoints are one, one community, one team, one heart, and one soul. … Sound like a pastor-y thing to say?

That’s probably because our recent podcast guest, Nils Smith, was a student pastor, innovation pastor, social media pastor, — you get the picture — for 13 years. Now, he’s the Chief Strategist for Social Media & Innovation at Dunham + Company.

With an innovator’s mindset, and a pastor’s experience, Nils came on the Nurtured Church podcast to share his insights on how churches can build first-class online communities: