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The Nurtured Church

Jun 30, 2020

Many people downplay matters of faith in their everyday lives, but when disaster strikes, they often look to the church first for help. How can your church develop effective community care solutions? And what role can technology play in helping you scale those solutions as your church grows larger?

Josh & Yolly Queitsch...

Jun 16, 2020

Big data is a big deal in 2020. Companies, policy makers, and security firms are all trying to figure out how to mine it, store it, surface it, and use it. What about churches, though? How can churches use data to direct their marketing messages to the right people at the right time?

Ryan Moore, Principal of Clever...

Jun 2, 2020

What happens when churches grow their attendance numbers but don't invest in their people? The church often collapses. Why? Because that's not the model of Jesus. He raised up disciples through His spheres of influence. How can contemporary churches grow and empower congregational leaders the way Jesus did?

Kevin Cotter

May 19, 2020

The way we engage with one another as human beings has changed dramatically, even in the last decade.That's true of any community, but it's especially true in the church space. How can churches have more meaningful connections and build better communities? And how can they leverage technology to drive deeper...

May 5, 2020

Culture is impossible when you have no physical location, right? That's what many church leaders say. But is it true? Has COVID-19 proven or disproven the idea that it's really hard to maintain culture when you're not all in the same building?


Lisa Zeeveld, chief operating officer at BELAY, joined us on this episode...