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The Nurtured Church

Jul 30, 2019

Community doesn't just happen. It has to be created, nurtured, and pursued. So, as you know, we've been looking at how different churches and different ministries are creating community within their congregations. 

Today, we’re continuing that thread by looking at how you can create engagement opportunities through...

Jul 16, 2019

Generosity is a sensitive issue. After all, it requires talking about money.

That’s why, when it comes to giving, people typically take a pass. They reserve money talk for times when it’s absolutely necessary — like when there's a crisis or the annual budget meeting is coming up. 

If you’re in this boat,...

Jul 2, 2019

As churches grow, and as the congregation becomes more diverse, it can be difficult to create an environment where parishioners feel connected. In addition, St. Anthony of Padua has faced additional challenges, like Hurricane Harvey. 

Nevertheless, by focusing their communication efforts on connection the church is...